Have you ever led a movement from the front?  Have you ever taken a great risk? Have you defiantly broken new ground? Vanguard explores risk-taking and military strategy through the lyrics of the Irish National Anthem written by musican and lyricist Peader Kearney. 

Who were the Walker Brothers? Cyclists and soldiers. PUSH tells of how they cycled through a storm for Ireland at the 1912 Stockholm Games and subsequently served as rebel bike couriers during the 1916 Rising. 

Samuel Beckett was a slight man but possessed knockout power as a champion schools boxer. Mad right? BORN MAD tells us more about Beckett’s personal style and sporting prowess. 

An Irishman managed Real Betis to the Spanish La Liga, and later managed FC Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War as Madridista General Franco bombed their ground, sewing the seeds of the intense sporting and political rivalry that still exists today between Barca and Real Madrid. MISTER explores Patrick O Connell, football manager and activist. 

James F O Connell, the first man seen heavily tattooed in the Western World became a star attraction at PT Barnum’s American Museum of Freaks in Manhattan. Samuel F O Reilly, inventor of the electric tattoo gun, TATTOOED MAN explores tattoo culture and masculinity.  

These are just some of the cultural stories told at Go Dare Creative.

Next up- BOLAND – Autumn 20. Harry Boland was not just Michael Collins’ right hand man in Irish politics, he was also a major figure in the GAA in the early 1900s. At different stages he was a Dublin hurler playing in the 1908 All Ireland final, he served as Dublin County Board chairman and also refereed the drawn 1918 All Ireland football final between Kerry and Wexford. 

Coming soon- Did you know Jack B Yeats was Irelands first Olympic medallist? Yeats won silver for Ireland at the 1924 Paris Games for a painting called Liffey Swim when Arts and Culture was an Olympic category.